We work in this business in Bursa (Turkey) since 1950, and with furniture for children since 20 years. The evolution of babys and kids inspired us to specialise with this kind of furiture since 10 years. We are working professionally for the producement in Bursa and we have two trading centers.

"Moremo Mobilia" is a brand that produces general furniture for babys and children.

"Moremo Luxury" deals with furniture which has unbelieveable thoughts or personal wishes.

"Moremo Montessori" is a brand that supports the montessori way of education and learning. It is a room for babys and youths that has every part of the childrens life where they are able to play e.g. kindergarden, primary school etc.

Our products are completely produced with MDF and LAKE colour. Our main ideas deal with the children themselves. Health, trust, comfort and endless phansasy are the most important parts of our vision.

The chldren should be the no.1 in their social lifes and their rooms are supporting this idea to improve their personal evolution. This idea gave us the inspiration to make their dreams become true.

Our motto is: Children are happy with moremo

Our motivation consists of thousands happy childrens dreams became true. After this experience we have made over the years, we stil have motivation and many interesting ideas left.

"Moremo Kids Furniture" is a future able brand. First of all we have to look back to our roots, which is another of our motivations, called happy children. We hope that you share our visions and join our pojects to start new, geater ones. Our hope is that we become partners in future. We wait for you.

Pervin & Yusuf Katana
Moremo Kids Furniture